Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Simple Introduction

Let's answer the most obvious question first: Aasha is the Sanskrit word for hope/wish. 

The purpose of this blog is to simplify. Simplify what? I could say "my life.", but that would be small potatoes. I mean everything. Simple people, simple food, simple thoughts, simple world. You name it, and it should be simple. 

I spent an hour researching simplicity, and each time I looked it up in a dictionary or thesaurus, it was linked to "foolishness". When did we become a society who compared a simple man to an ignorant man. Gandhiji, arguably the greatest man of the last century, was supremely simple by nature. He was a man of non-possession who ate simple foods and meditated daily so as to never get stressed. Where has all the simplicity gone?

Today we see the espressos shots and energy drinks, the scheduling and syncing, and the drive thru diets and dinners in the freezer. The simplicity of life has gotten lost somewhere between the Starbucks menu and the stain remover aisle at the local drugstore. With all of the product options, marketing gimmicks, target advertising, and brand recognition, we're "simply" doomed. 

Not to say that I am a simple person. I'm just a woman, who realized that the fate of tomorrow starts today. I'm going to take a day-to-day approach to simplifying my home, my family, my thoughts, my everything. In this blog you'll see cleaning techniques, recipes, book recommendations, healthy habits, quotes that inspire, and anything else that helps me get my life back to the basics. 

Why Aasha? I once heard that if you really want something, you have to put it out there for the universe to find. I figure if I wish hard enough and I publicize it for the whole world (wide web) to see, maybe, just maybe, it will be granted. 

So, Universe, here is my wish: Simplify 

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  1. What a great post. Can't wait for your next post.